Teak Benches for Public Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Our teak benches have a reputation for boosting the appeal of any type of garden, no matter the style, shape or size of the space, but our premium Mr Teak benches can also improve the look and function of public parks and other outdoor spaces.

What Makes Mr Teak Benches So Great?

Teak is very aesthetically pleasing as a furniture material, giving any space a specific motif. Whether a timeless Lutyens bench installation or a contemporary Banana bench silhouette is your choice, we have a style to suit your outdoor area.

Teak compliments the natural environment, blending in, but not disappearing, whereas many other artificial styles of outdoor furniture can detract from its natural home.

A teak bench does, over time, naturally transition from a light, wheat golden colour to a silvery grey tone, known as ‘weathering’, whilst maintaining its rustic charm and structural integrity.

Are Teak Benches Comfortable?

A bench crafted from teak provides a comfortable and supportive seat to rest and relax upon, perfect to enjoy the fresh air and Great British outdoors. Whether it’s an invigorating autumn morning or a golden summer evening, our benches help you take everything in.

Teak doesn’t become too chilly in low temperatures or become too hot when the weather’s warm; Teak wood’s temperature neutrality makes it the perfect natural material for a park or outdoor space bench.

Is a Teak Bench Robust?

Teak is a naturally robust and durable wood, making it a fantastic, weather resistant furniture material.

Due to teak wood being very high in natural oils and minerals, it has a natural water resistance, so much so that teak was even used in the past war ships. 

Teak is also much harder to vandalise compared with other woods, and the longevity of this sturdy hardwood places it above its competitors, making it extremely cost-effective for public park or outdoor space installation.

What Styles of Teak Bench are there?

Teak is one of the most versatile styles of bench material, allowing it to be crafted into many different shoes, each conveying different themes and motifs.

From the regal and timeless Hardwick and Chatsworth, to the modern and chic Banana benches, here at Mr Teak we want you to purchase with confidence, knowing that you can select a style of Teak Bench that can add to your outdoor space’s seating experience.

Mr Teak Benches

Our products are sourced from legal and sustainable projects as we believe the knowledge of giving back to the environment only enhances the experience of utilising one of our benches.

Via our ethos of using the highest quality sustainable wood without having a negative impact on the environment you are helping towards the fight against deforestation, as well as making sure more trees are planted to replace those that were used to make your furniture. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the Indonesian legal wood and the high standard of joinery we have upheld for 20 years.