Teak Aftercare

On this page you will be able to find all the information required on caring for your teak furniture.

Teak Oils and Sealants

Please note that teak sealants & oils shouldn’t be applied until the furniture has fully weathered (turn a silverly grey), as the timber has already been treated and this may cause damage the furniture.

Please also note that the application of sealants or oils will invalidate your rights to return your product, please see our terms and conditions – T&C’s 

Cleaning Teak

Cleaning your teak furniture is very simple, you’ll need a bucket with warm water and washing up liquid (non-abrasive), a scrubbing brush or scouring pad & some elbow Grease.

Give the furniture a good scrub, making sure that you remove all the mould and mildew & then allow to dry thoroughly.

If the above isn’t doing the job then you can use alternative cleaning products (Teak Cleaners) to help. They are formulated to kill the mould and mildew and restore the natural colour of the wood, but they are more abrasive and can cause damage to the wood if they aren’t used correctly, so please make sure you follow the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Storing Your Teak

Teak wood is strong, durable & can withstand harsh weather conditions which is good as we are in the UK! The teak will remain structurally sound but weathering will change the colour & appearance over time.

You can use covers to protect your furniture which will also help to reduce mould and mildew but we always advise to use breathable covers to stop the furniture from sweating.

Before putting a cover over your furniture please make sure that it has been thoroughly dried out, as this will also cause the furniture to sweat which will increase the mould and mildew growth over the product whilst not in use.

Teak Colouring & Checking & grain cracking 

When your teak furniture arrives it has a golden honey colour but will naturally weather over a short period of time to a light grey patina. This ageing process does not affect the quality of the product and is simply created by the bleaching effect of the sun and weather. 

You new furniture will go through a process called ‘checking’, Teak wood is a natural product and as expended will expand and contract due to weather changes which can cause cracks on the furniture, particularly on the arms.

the cracks will come and go and eventually settle the furniture is not affect by this grain movement 


if you want to reduce the look of checking you can apply a outdoor PVA glue to the cracked areas wipe off any excess glue and rub down with a fine sand paper we suggest doing the after 6 months once the furniture as settled 

Any changes that occur in this process will not affect the products durability.



Surface mold  & furring  

Surface mould is a common side effect that teak furniture develops, travelling from tropical climates at certain times of year. Shipments spend up to 15 weeks on the water from our factory in Indonesia during this time in these humid conditions. Whilst precautionary measures are taken to avoid any of the fur occurring, it is impossible to completely prevent it. Although initially, this may seem disappointing, please rest assured, this will not cause any long term damage and can be removed with a minor wipe or brush over.