Caring For Your Teak

Teak is a unique and highly prized timber grown primarily in South East Asia and in the case of our products mostly grown and produced in Indonesia. Teak is an ideal timber for the manufacture of outdoor garden furniture as the wood is very dense and oily. The natural oils present in teak help to protect it from weathering and from pests such as woodworm.

Your teak furniture can be easily cared for and there are a number of products such as teak cleaners we suggest one part teak cleaners as these our milder tan 2 part cleaners  that can be applied to help clean the timber. During transportation, changes in humidity and temperature may cause furring, where a dust can be present on the furniture, this is a perfectly natural occurrence and can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

When your teak furniture arrives it has a golden honey colour but will naturally weather over a short period of time to a light grey patina. This ageing process does not affect the quality of the product and is simply created by the bleaching effect of the sun and weather. 

Cracks on the furniture, particularly on the arms, are again caused by changes in humidity and temperature and will also have no lasting effects on the furniture.

Although teak garden furniture can be left out throughout the winter, we would recommend our covers to protect the furniture please make sure the furniture is fully dried out before using from the worst of the British weather or, if available, bringing your teak furniture indoors into a garden shed or building over the winter will help to prolong it’s life.

If you look after your teak garden furniture it will give you many years of active and functional service.

Why is Teak Wood Good For Garden Furniture?

Hard woods make excellent material for the manufacture of furniture and teak in particular is highly prized as a good wood for the production of outdoor garden furniture. The grain of teak is relatively straight and therefore is a strong and easy wood providing versatile jointing and styling properties. Teak is a relatively dense wood with a very oily property, this natural oil provides excellent protection from various weather conditions and allows the furniture to be left outside and endure rain, wind, heat and cold. The oil within the wood also helps to protect the timber from pests such as woodworm. It is important that teak timber is harvested from sustainable sources and we take great care in ensuring that all of our teak garden furniture is harvested and manufactured from sustainable teak forests, predominantly in South East Asia and Indonesia.

Teak is also a very easy material to look after and is simple to wash down and treat with a suitable teak cleaner.

When first machined and manufactured teak has a golden colour but when left outside will soon change in colour to a light grey patina. This colour change is only a cosmetic alteration as the surface responds to sunlight and rain and does not affect the strength of the wood.

When teak garden furniture is manufactured to the high standards produced throughout the Mr Teak furniture range.