Why You Should Choose a Lutyens Bench

As we approach the warmer months of Summer, many of us will be looking forward to spending more time in our gardens, soaking up the sun.

Whether you have a small garden, a large garden, or even just a balcony, there’s one piece of furniture that is sure to upgrade your outdoor space: the Lutyens Bench.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining what a Lutyens bench is and why it may be the right choice for your garden.

What is a Lutyens Bench?

The Lutyens bench originated from the end of the 19th century, when Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, an Edwardian architect, took a step back on designing English country houses and war memorials and branches out into landscape gardening.

It was then that the Lutyens bench, with its tasteful scrolled arms and lattice backrest, was designed.

Being such a popular design, it’s instantly recognisable by its round armrests and curved backrest, mixing traditional styling with modern looks that makes it timeless in any garden.

Although originally made in English oak, the Lutyens bench from Mr Teak is crafted from high grade sustainable teak, making them built to withstand sun, wind, rain, frost and snow.

Why Choose a Lutyens Bench for Your Garden?

Lutyens benches are so popular in many gardens due to their elegance and practicality, helping to transform a dull garden into a luxurious place to relax and take in nature.

As we mentioned earlier, all of our Lutyens benches are made from high grade sustainable teak. This ensures you can enjoy your Lutyens bench all year round without worrying about damage caused by the harsh UK weather conditions. 

Another benefit of using high grade teak above other materials is the sustainability. 

At Mr Teak, we pride ourselves on providing customers with attractive teak pieces that are crafted from only the highest quality wood available from sustainable plantations in Indonesia in order to fight illegal logging. 

All of our outdoor furniture is SVLK certified, meaning you can be 100% sure that the wood used to make it is legally sourced and sustainable. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the wood.

How to Style Your Lutyens Bench

Of course, thanks to their classic style, Lutyens benches look fantastic on their own, however, some may wish to add their own touch of styling to the bench.

If you want to use your Lutyens bench like an outdoor sofa, you can add comfy cushions and a thick throw for extra comfort as the warm summer evenings become cooler. 

If you have a small corner of the garden to tuck your bench away into, you can create a cosy reading nook by adding some outdoor twinkly fairy lights to any surrounding trees or fences and lanterns.

You can also use Lutyens benches in place of chairs around an outdoor dining table and add cushions to make it more comfortable.

Why Choose Mr Teak for Your Lutyens Bench

Mr Teak is a family run business established in 2000, working hard to deliver a fantastic range of outdoor furniture to suit every garden. We pride ourselves for both the quality of our products and also the efficiency of our service, using only sustainably sourced wood.

Check out our fantastic range of outdoor teak furniture today!