Why Teak Bench Covers are So Important

What Maintenance do Teak Benches Require?

Although teak benches can be kept outside all year round thanks to their water resistance, it is still possible for teak to become dirty with tree sap, bird droppings, mud, mould and mildew on top of the furniture which can make it look unsightly and less appealing to sit on.

This means that teak benches often require a decent scrub with warm water and a non-abrasive washing up liquid before they can be used and, although this can be done quickly on warm summer days when the sun quickly dries the bench, on colder days the bench can take a while to dry before you can sit on it.

How Do Bench Covers Make Teak Maintenance Simpler?

This is where teak bench covers come in handy. Instead of having to regularly scrub off the dirt, tree sap and mildew and wait for it to dry, you can simply remove the cover to reveal a bench as clean as you last left it. 

Not only does this save you time on cleaning the teak, it also slows down the ageing process of the teak by minimising its exposure to the sun’s rays, which can have a bleaching effect on the teak and cause it to lose its initial golden colour. 

If you like to keep your teak golden, the use of covers means you won’t have to apply sealer or oils to the teak as often as you usually would.

What Type of Covers Should I Buy for My Teak?

When purchasing covers for your teak benches, it is important to choose the right type and material to ensure your benches are well protected from the harsh outdoor elements including rain, wind, snow and sunshine.

At Mr Teak, all of our furniture covers are made from long lasting PVC backed woven polyester which is double sewn with reinforced seams for added strength and durability.

Our bench covers also feature rust resistant brass eyelets and airflow vents to allow the benches to breathe and prevent condensation which leads to mould and mildew.

Please note, we would advise that you always let your teak furniture completely dry before covering it. This is to prevent your furniture from sweating, which could cause condensation and mould to build up while the furniture is covered.

Teak Bench Covers at Mr Teak

At Mr Teak, we offer a wide range of teak furniture covers to help keep your garden furniture protected from the elements and looking great all year round. 

Features and benefits of our teak furniture covers:

  • “Weatherguard” All season protection against tree sap, rain, snow and frost, bird droppings, harmful UV rays, dirt and grime
  • Long lasting PVC backed woven polyester
  • Double sewn, reinforced seams for strength and durability
  • Rust resistant brass eyelets
  • Airflow vents to prevent condensation
  • Comes complete with reusable storage case

Available in a range of different sizes, our furniture covers are made to fit all sizes of bench we have to offer. Get your teak bench cover today at Mr Teak.