Premium Teak Garden Chair Range

Nothing croons garden relaxation quite like an expertly crafted teak chair, and here at Mr Teak we have a fantastic and stylish range of premium teak furniture to enhance your outdoor space, no matter the size.

In this article we will be discussing our teak chair collection and how high quality chairs can transform your garden.

Can A Teak Chair Be Kept Outdoors Year Round?

Yes, due to the robust nature of teak as a malleable material, a teak chair can most definitely be left outside in all seasons.

Our premium grade teak chairs can withstand all weather conditions including heavy rain and snow. Teak does, over time, naturally transition from a golden colour to a silvery grey tone, while maintaining its rustic charm and structural integrity.

Also any furniture or feature exposed to the elements can grow mould on top of its structure, but this is easily avoided by coverage or simple cleaning.

Our Teak Chair Range

Classy teak furniture, such as our chair collection is far more than just somewhere to perch, they can accent the language of your space, and be a vehicle for your individualised perception of style.

All of our chairs are constructed using mortise and tenon joints with teak dowels before being kiln dried and finely sanded to a natural finish.

With models to complement any garden proxemics, we definitely have a chair type to suit your home.


If you prefer a timelessly elegant and structurally sound chair, our classic collection may be perfect for your property. Featuring the Hardwick classic armchair (which can also come as a conjoined two piece ‘companion set’), and the equally distinguished Blenheim chair.

If you want traditional with a twist, our Hampton folding chairs offer comfort while being economical with space, with the option to be succinctly folded away when not in use.


Our more contemporary designs blend chic and modernity, our popular Banana chair range consists of waved back support and rolling teak arches, an eye-catching aesthetic while being ergonomically elite.

The Sissington Lutyens chair consists of a striking frame, with an expertly detailed back rest and scrolled arms, this premium teak chair is the perfect ‘something different’ for your garden.

Teak Chair Sets

We offer several styles of teak chair and table sets, these great value bundles include any two of a particular chair style and a matching table to provide a cool consistent thematic for your space.

Can A Teak Chair Go Indoors?

Absolutely! Teak is a durable, strong wood and can cope perfectly well indoors, just as it does outdoors. Teak is a common material for indoor furniture and accoutrements due to the wood’s structural integrity and eye-catching looks. 

Why Choose Mr Teak?

Our products are sourced from legal and sustainable projects as we believe the knowledge of giving back to the environment only enhances the experience of relaxing in our premium garden furniture. 

Via our ethos of using the highest quality sustainable wood without having a negative impact on the environment you are helping towards the fight against deforestation, as well as making sure more trees are planted to replace those that were used to make your furniture. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the Indonesian legal wood and the high standard of joinery we have upheld for 20 years. 

With free UK delivery, a free 12 month warranty and a two week money back guarantee, now might be the time to check out our versatile range and regular special offers at Mr Teak.