Outdoor Winter Furniture Ideas

When thinking about using our outdoor furniture, many of us picture warm summer and spring days, soaking up the sun in our gardens. However, there are also many ways in which you can enjoy your furniture in the chillier winter months too!

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at some of the best tips to make use of your outdoor furniture all year round.

1. Select High Quality Materials for Your Outdoor Furniture

If you’re planning on using your outdoor furniture all year round, it will need to be made of a high quality material that can withstand the harsh conditions without becoming damaged or mouldy. 

Thanks to the hardwearing properties of teak, you can keep teak furniture outside all year round, including the cold and wet winter months.

Teak is naturally resistant to the outdoors and is able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions including rain, snow, wind and hail, so your furniture will be just as sturdy in years to come as it was when it first arrived.

2. Choose Fabrics that are Designed for Outdoors

To give your outdoor space a more cosy feel, you’ll want to choose cushions and upholstery made from fabrics that are designed to be resistant against outdoor weather conditions.

These fabrics are treated for UV resistance, mould resistance, water and stain resistance and are very durable.

At Mr Teak, all of our ‘Weatherguard’ cushions are made from water resistant polyester that helps protect against tree sap, rain, snow, frost, bird dropping, harmful UV rays and dirt. 

3. Firepits and Heaters

Of course, the main reason why people avoid using their outdoor furniture during winter is due to the cold weather. That’s why we would recommend installing a fire pit or using outdoor heaters to bring some warmth to your outdoor seating area.

Just make sure if you’re using an outdoor heater that it is suitable for outdoor use and that there are no trailing wires that could pose a trip hazard.

4. Add Warm Lighting

One of the simplest ways to add a warm and cosy vibe to your outdoor seating area is to add some lighting!

You can purchase all different types of lights designed for use in the garden, such as twinkly fairy lights that can be wrapped around trees and solar panel lawn lights to keep your walkways lit as the evenings get darker.

Just make sure the lights you purchase are designed for outdoor use as regular lights can become damaged in the outdoor weather.

5. Use a Parasol in Wet Weather

If you still want to make the most of your outdoor furniture, even in the rain, you can enjoy al fresco dining by fitting a large parasol above your dining table for shelter. At Mr Teak, our Tissington Parasol can keep you dry when it’s drizzly. Check out our full range of accessories here.

6. Wrap Up Warm with Blankets

Finally, there’s no better way to stay warm in winter than to wrap up with big heavy blankets and throws. You can keep all of your outdoor accessories in a large waterproof storage container outside to keep them dry and free from mould in the wet weather.

High Quality Outdoor Teak Furniture 

Looking for high quality sustainable teak outdoor furniture? Take a look at our wide range of chairs, tables, lutyens teak benches and dining sets at Mr Teak.

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