How To Set Up Your Garden For Entertaining Guests

Any garden, no matter the size, can provide a space brimming with opportunity to invite over and entertain those who matter to you. 

Here we will take a look at how to make the most of your outdoor space and prepare your garden for hosting honours.

Key Tips For Outdoor Entertaining 

A garden should be treated like any other area of a home, receiving adequate attention and being accented with features and furniture to enhance its functionality as well as its aesthetic.

Planting & Outdoor Space Upkeep

Often a large part of any garden's appeal is a planting scheme, but if you aren't the green fingered type and don’t feel confident enough or have the time to grow a strategic planting scheme, potted plants are a fantastic alternative. A well placed grouping of pre-potted or self potted plants can offer vibrant splashes of lush colour. Our Mr Teak solid and sustainable Blickling Planter offers a great, natural teak alternative to traditional plant pots.

Also in compact gardens, or gardens with no plantable soil potted plants allow occupants to present a greener space. Try to vary several clusters of plants, working off colours, shapes and sizes to offer the most visual impact. It's not just flowering plants that offer seasoning to a garden, a variety of herbs can do so as well, especially implemented in a designated patch or spiralling around a trellis.

(*Remember regular watering, especially in hot weather will help keep your garden lush and hydrated.)

It’s crucial to maintain and tend to the grass or lawn in any garden if one is present, nothing particularly fancy needs to be carried out here, just remember to trim and keep the main body neat, while shoring any edges for a sharp green silhouette.

Alfresco Dining

The garden can be a great backdrop to enjoying a lovely meal, or well deserved relaxing drink. Apart from the obvious - a top notch BBQ (and someone who knows their way around it), there are many inclusions to an outdoor space to not only enhance the alfresco dining experience but also compliment the human socialising side of outdoor group meals.

At Mr Teak we stock a range of ethically sourced, aesthetically striking garden dining sets (high quality teak table and chairs), from compact 4 seaters all the way up to spacious 10 seater options to allow your party, no matter the size, to feel connected while dining outdoors. 

Why not make the outdoor dining area usable all year round? Whether to seek shade from the sun, or shelter from the rain, one of our Tissington parasols will provide the canopy you need to ensure perfect coverage in any season.

Simply Admiring The View

Sometimes, sitting back and doing nothing without a care in the world is simply the best way to spend an hour or two. But you need something to sit on, preferably stylish, comfortable, and built to last - select from our huge variety of Mr Teak chairs and benches. 

With luxury, premium teak seating in any style from contemporary Banana chairs to classic Luyten benches you could be making the most of your garden space with a perfect perch. 

For further comfort add our forest green ‘Weather guard’ cushions, designed for year round use and relaxation.

Mr Teak

Here at Mr Teak we understand well placed, well designed garden furniture allows a home’s outdoor space to be transformed into a communal hub. Using legal and sustainable Indonesian plantation teak, our furniture compliments a garden space, rather than distracting from or obstructing it. All of our products not only help fight deforestation but also aid in reducing the wider logging carbon footprint. 

With our centrepiece dining tables providing a communal interaction bullseye for large groups, and comfortable premium grade teak chair styles to suit any space, Mr Teak furniture could perfectly accent the language of your garden.