How to Look After Outdoor Coffee Tables

Well crafted, well placed, outdoor teak coffee tables can greatly accent a garden or outdoor space’s appeal, and even though teak is as tough as they come in terms of natural furniture material, it’s wise to know how to take care of it to the fullest extent.

As our name suggests, here at Mr Teak we’re experts in anything teak! This includes the prolonging of premium products, and in this article we’re going to be exploring how best to look after outdoor teak coffee tables.

Teak Coffee Tables For Your Garden

Here at Mr Teak we understand the power of adorning your garden or patio with a focal point at which to sit, converse or simply rest things upon, and often providing the bullseye for cherished social interaction is a coffee table. 

That’s why we have crafted a varied range of premium grade A teak tables to suit your garden, no matter its alfresco decor, size or shape.

From traditional and timeless styles such as the classic Hardwick or two tier Sissington coffee tables, to the more contemporary and explorative Longleat wave designs, Mr Teak is sure to have a style to suit your garden, meaning you never have to compromise your preference or requirements.

How Robust is Teak?

To put it simply - Very!

Teak is one of the toughest types of wood; derived from timber, teak has a natural resistance to water, meaning our robustly constructed coffee tables can be left outdoors year round regardless of the weather.

You can purchase with confidence knowing that our smooth finish plantation teak packs a punch!

Teak Proactive Maintenance:

There is no denying teak is a durable natural material, but there are some simple steps you can take to further bolster its robustness, thus increasing its potential lifespan.

In terms of maintenance, contrastingly to some other woods, teak requires very little, but as with any outdoor product, proactive care is far superior to reactive care.


Cleaning a teak coffee table is as straightforward as it sounds, use a mixture of non-abrasive washing up liquid and warm water (a splash of white vinegar may also be helpful) applied by a scrubbing brush or sponge, and wash/scrub the table thoroughly.

Be sure to remove any surface layer muck such as mould, mildew, bird droppings or general grime, then lightly hose the table down to remove any soap solution (don't use a powerful pressure washer as it may damage the table). 

It’s best to clean your teak garden furniture on a temperate day with a light breeze to ensure efficient and quick drying. 

Heavier teak cleaning solutions are available for particularly stubborn dirt or grime, however it's important to note these can be more abrasive and may invalidate your Mr Teak warranty.


Teak oils and sealants can keep your garden furniture looking new, and structurally sound, but must only be applied once the teak has ‘weathered’ (shifted to a silvery grey hue), as all of our teak has been pre-treated and premature use of oil or sealant may damage the bench.

Please also note that the application of sealants or oils will invalidate your rights to return your product, please see our terms and conditions.


Small cracks that follow the grain of the wood, or ‘checking’ as they are sometimes referred to, naturally smooth themselves out as the furniture ages and don’t require any specific reactive fixing or maintenance.

For larger, more serious splits, firstly clean the inside of the crack to remove any dirt and grime build up, then apply some wood filler via a putty knife to fill the damaged area almost to the top. Now apply some oil based filler putty by hand to evenly smooth over the top of the crack before leaving to dry. 

Finally, if the shade of the putty does not match the hue of the furniture you can add a layer of the correct tone of polyurethane to complete the micro-restoration.

New Teak Coffee Tables

Our products are sourced from legal and sustainable projects as we believe the knowledge of giving back to the environment only enhances the experience of utilising one of our tables.

Via our ethos of using the highest quality sustainable wood without having a negative impact on the environment you are helping towards the fight against deforestation, as well as making sure more trees are planted to replace those that were used to make your furniture. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the Indonesian legal wood and the high standard of joinery we have upheld for 20 years. 

With free UK delivery, a free 12 month warranty and a two week money back guarantee, now might be the time to check out our versatile range and regular special offers at Mr Teak.