Garden Furniture Trends for 2023

Garden style and decor trends, just as their indoor contemporaries, saunter in and out of fashion, and we’ll be taking a look at some of the purported trends ready to steal the show in 2023.

Curved lines

The contemporary element to a curved, swooping line makes them one of the most popular features for garden furniture this year. 

A curve adds sophistication and modernity to an outdoor space, our waved banana chairs or benches are a splash of tranquillity and are even more impactful when combined with our flowing banana coffee table, creating a chic statement set.

The curved rail allows you to sit ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ this style of furniture, making them incredibly comfortable while not sacrificing support.


With consumers becoming more eco conscious every year, sustainability is high on their priority list when it comes to furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

All our Mr Teak garden furniture is SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu - Indonesian timber legality verifier) certified, ensuring all wood used is sustainable and legally sourced. Also all of our products are delivered to you via recyclable materials and any excess materials, including wood is repurposed, minimising waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

Timber plantations are a renewable source of farmed wood production and these initiatives are supplemented by groups such as Trees4Trees, a non-profit re-planting organisation Mr Teak supports. 

This aids towards reforestation, but they also strive to educate society about the impact of timber harvesting on communities and the environment.


Another typical feature of garden furniture is functionality, specifically weather and waterproof items that provide a robust performance without reducing style.

Teak is one of the toughest types of wood; emanating from sturdy timber, teak has a natural resistance to water, meaning our robustly constructed benches can be left outdoors year round regardless of the weather.

If you would like to bolster the already impressive durability of your teak furniture, one of our premium ‘Weatherguard’ covers would do the trick.


Bringing the inside out is amongst the most popular aspects of garden transformation in 2023. 

One of the easiest ways of enjoying the invigorating outdoors whilst maintaining a level of comfort is covering a teak dining table with our Tissington parasols, providing shade from the sun and a canopy from the rain.

Get Planting

A constant in terms of garden and outdoor space aesthetics is the speckling of colour that well organised plant arrangements can convey.

You don’t need to be particularly proficient in horticulture to achieve a nice and dazzling display.

It’s usually more efficient and convenient to plant in a pot or ‘planter’, as this allows you to rearrange your display swiftly and without any mess.

Why Choose Mr Teak?

Our products are sourced from legal and sustainable projects as we believe the knowledge of giving back to the environment only enhances the experience of utilising our furniture.

Via our ethos of using the highest quality sustainable wood without having a negative impact on the environment you are helping towards the fight against deforestation, as well as making sure more trees are planted to replace those that were used to make your furniture. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the Indonesian legal wood and the high standard of joinery we have upheld for 20 years. 

With free UK delivery, a free 12 month warranty and a two week money back guarantee, now might be the time to check out our versatile range and regular special offers at Mr Teak.