Cushions For Your Teak Garden Furniture

A premium piece of grade A teak that has been expertly crafted into a chair or bench that adorns your outdoor space and tastefully enhances your garden, deserves a cushion of the same premium quality.

Quality Garden Furniture Cushions

Here at Mr Teak we understand the importance of being comfortable, especially when relaxing in your own little slice of the great outdoors. That's why all of our grade A teak garden furniture is specifically designed with a sense of functionality to match the high end aesthetics of our products.

We have an eclectic range of forest green luxury cushion products to compliment your furniture’s style, shape and size, while seamlessly synchronising with the rest of your garden.

Can Mr Teak Furniture Cushions Be Left Outside?

Our Mr Teak ‘Weather guard’ cushions are made from long lasting PVC backed woven polyester and boast double sewn reinforced seams for strength and increased robustness. Our cushions offer a durable barrier of all season protection for your teak furniture and can provide an effective layer of resistance from the following:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Frost
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Tree sap
  • Dirt & grime
  • Bird droppings

All of our water resistant polyester cushions contain a luxury, spongy foam filling for an extra layer of comfort, and come with a reusable storage case in the event of furniture cleaning.

Bench Cushions

Our bench cushions come in several silhouettes to perfectly fit the corresponding furniture model. The Sissington Lutyens and Tissington silhouette bench cushions come in three seat size options - two, three or four seaters, meaning you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to your garden accessories.

We also stock a curved silhouette to accommodate our Longleat Banana bench, one of our best selling and most modern teak furniture designs.

Chair Cushions

We have the cushion to match your chair, no matter the style! From a sleek and ergonomically shaped Hardwick steamer cushion, perfect for our folding recliner of the same name, to the more traditional Sissington Lutyens chair cushion.

The Mr Teak cushion range isn’t bulky or clunky, and is designed not to detract from the furniture itself, but enhance its comfort as well as its striking vibes.

Why Choose Mr Teak?

Our products are sourced from legal and sustainable projects as we believe the knowledge of giving back to the environment only enhances the experience of relaxing in our premium garden furniture. 

Via our ethos of using the highest quality sustainable wood without having a negative impact on the environment you are helping towards the fight against deforestation, as well as making sure more trees are planted to replace those that were used to make your furniture. 

Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but also guarantees the longevity of your products due to the quality of the Indonesian legal wood and the high standard of joinery we have upheld for 20 years. 

With free UK delivery, a free 12 month warranty and a two week money back guarantee, now might be the time to check out our versatile range and regular special offers at Mr Teak.